What you need to know about your baby’s sleep and how to ensure a good nights sleep

Sleep deprivation is something most parents expect to go hand in hand with parenting. However it does not necessarily have to be this way.  If you can master the art of getting your baby to sleep you have a high chance of keeping your sanity intact.

A SLEEP CHECKLIST  is one of the most useful things you can do before attempting to put your baby down to sleep.

A checklist will encourage you to observe your baby for cues as to when your baby is ready to be put down to sleep.

Paying attention to your baby’s cues and responding appropriately will greatly assist the chances of your baby sleeping.

The following is a checklist I have complied and may be reproduced when referenced to myself.

How to know when it is bedtime for your baby.

Eye rubbing.
Face rubbing
Loss of attention

If you get your baby at this early stage of sleep indicator you have a better chance of getting your baby to sleep than if you wait until your baby is overtired. The chances are your baby will have great difficulty getting to and sleeping for a long period.

Believe me reading your baby’s cues are essential for good sleep patterns.
I have used the above guidance successfully with my three children and what a difference a nights sleep gives.

Stay tuned for more articles on how to know when your baby is over tired, over stimulated and what you can do.

Happy sleeping!


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