Toy Review – Stack and Sort Train

This week I have picked the ‘stack and sort train with building blocks’

Stack and Sort Train

This is an excellent toy for your child and will provide endless play opportunities for learning and development of necessary basis skills.
The stack and sort train has so many purposes it will keep your child busy throughout the day.

• It features small blocks which will promote the learning of basic hand skills from the whole hand manipulating the block to your child using finger and thumb movements. Blocks are excellent for development of co ordination skills. The blocks can be used from age 6 months and up.

• The blocks can be removed from the train replaced and stacked one on top of the other. These activities will help with learning concepts such as in and out and basic language skills when your child begins to play with an adult.

• The blocks will help later development of colour awareness, colour matching, awareness of letters and numbers, copying of block designs which you as the adult can arrange.

• The train set can be pulled and pushed along the floor. Watch your child push and pull the train set as he crawls to incorporating pushing and pulling with another child or adult.

• This purposeful fun activity will help development of motor skills such as hand skills and crawling, attention skills, learning skills, socialisation including language skills as your child plays alongside other children (push and pull activities) and interacts with adults. This stack and sort train set offers such a range of activities for different ability levels it will encourage your child’s intelligence and assist your child to develop a mind of his/her own.

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