Top 6 tips to consider before buying a toy

Children love to play that is what they do. Toys can be very enriching to a child’s life, helping the development process.
I have put together some considerations I hope you will find useful when you are going toy shopping. The information will help you pick the best toy for your child regardless of your child’s age or availability of toys.

• Consider what development stage your child is at. Remember all children develop at different rates.

• What play value does the toy offer? This means does the toy encourage your child to look at, concentrate on and try and make a movement toward the toy.

• Is the toy visually attractive and offer sound when moved? This is especially important for children under 12 months. Your child will be encouraged to look at and visually focus on the toy thus helping your child to then interact with the toy.

• Check the quality of the toy. This means the toy will be more durable and will withstand the banging and throwing that goes with play.

• Examine the toy very carefully for any potential parts that can be removed. Be vigilant about parts which can be removed, put in a child’s mouth and cause choking. You will be amazed at how children seem to have the ability to get these parts off and always straight into the mouth.

• Check the toy for the safety standard mark. This will ensure the toy is safe in terms of non-toxic, baby safe materials.

I would love to hear what your experiences are when you go shopping for a toy.

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