Tips for helping your baby to sleep.

Firstly I would recommend you read the article on signs to look out for which indicate your baby is ready to go to sleep. So now you can consider what to do to help your baby sleep.

The trick here is to find out what works for your baby and stick with it.

Gentle massage can help your baby relax and therefore sleep. It is important to learn how to do baby massage correctly on your baby.
An important point to consider especially with new born babies, not all babies can tolerate massage on their skin. The massage will therefore not be relaxing.

Make sure your baby’s bedroom is not too hot or too cold.

Your baby’s clothing should not be too loose or too restrictive.
Tour baby may also like the sheets to be warm, replicating the feelings associated with being in the womb.

Swaddling your baby will help calm your baby and therefore help your baby go to sleep.
The idea of swaddling is to help replace the feeling of snugness your baby experienced in the womb.
Swaddling involves the use of special clothing or a blanket which is wrapped around the baby in such a way to keep your baby’s arms and legs held snug, just like they were in the womb.

Back ground noise
This is referred to as white noise.
Research demonstrates listening to white noise helps us drift into a deep sleep 10 minutes sooner than if we did not listen.
White noise refers to background noise that does not require attention. White noise absorbs other sounds so we do not register the sounds that might waken us. Examples of white noise are the use of a fountain outside the bedroom or the sound of waves.

Your baby will possibly prefer the music you listened to while he was still in the womb. So if you did not listen to lullabies when your baby was in your womb, your baby will very probably not go to sleep listening to lullabies.
Remember though not to have the noise level at a level where your baby’s ears will hurt.

If you find a strategy which helps your baby sleep, stick with it. Build it into your baby’s routine and you will be grateful for it in the long term.

Have you any tips you would like to share?

Post them so we can build up a resource of tips on helping our babies sleep peacefully.

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