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Feedback from Sleep Consultations

Having worked with another Sleep Trainer for over six months with no positive results for my son’s sleep problems at night, I turned to Fiona for advice. She immediately identified the real problem of my son not sleeping at night. Fiona helped me to understand what I needed to do to help my son sleep. Within a few days I noticed a big positive improvement. Fiona helped us to recognise the real problem causing my son’s lack of sleep at night. I just wish I had met Fiona six months ago.
A ‘Real Expert’ with professional knowledge.
Anne Dublin January 2014

When we researched the various Experts offering advice we were astonished to discover Fiona was the only Professional Validated by The Department of Health. We were so lucky we took the time to research the qualifications of the various ‘experts’. I knew I was in trusted hands when I contacted Fiona and I was right.
Rose Dublin January 2014

Fiona helped us to understand our baby’s sleep cycles and lack of sleep from our baby’s point of view. Once we understood how our baby sleep is affected and what causes lack of sleep we were able to understand our baby. Immediately her sleep improved. Thank you Fiona.
Mark & Angela Cork February 2014

Fiona I will recommend you to all my friends. You are a Real Expert! Whose qualifications and expertise are genuine and trustworthy. When spending money I want to know the advice is trustworthy and 100%. You are a Gem! Thank you
Catherine Meath April 2014

Thank you Fiona for your wisdom and reassurance. You immediately set out to reassure us as parents and never judged us or was critical of us as parents. Your reassurance was invaluable to us as parents.
Mary Cork November 2013

Your words of wisdom helped us as parents to view our baby in the way it should be ‘From the Baby’s point of view’. We as a family are so much more content and happy since responding to our baby’s needs became the focus. You forget as an adult how easy it is for baby to become over whelmed. We often expect so much from our babies. Thank you Fiona.
Pamela October 2013

Feedback from Workshops.

We have had great fun putting the theory we learnt at your workshop into practice. We have also become much better at reading her signals for when she is tired or hungry. I really enjoyed the workshop and it really made a difference when you understand the stages of development and even learning about what toys, games to play with the different ages and stages was great.
Thanks again for the great workshop. I wish i had gone when she was a newborn.
Sinead. Dublin February 2013.

Thanks a lot for your words of wisdom last week. They have worked a treat. baby is now on her tummy lots at home and in the creche. She is now happy on her tummy and now attempting crawling. Great progress in such a short time thanks to you. Also her sleep pattern is improving. She settled herself to sleep last night with no bottle. Your workshop was a great help to me.
Brid. Dublin. February 2013.

I am already seeing the benefits to your advice and suggestions.
Amelia. Cork. November 2012.

I attended one of Fiona’s workshops in Dublin and it was very informative especially if you have a baby on the way or a newborn/young baby. Fiona is great for advice.
Andrea. Dublin. September 2012.

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