Starting School ? – 6 Top tips

Starting School - 6 top tips

Starting School

6 Top Tips from paediatric occupational therapist to prepare your Child for starting school


  • Approx 2 weeks before starting school you should start and continue a bedtime routine, this will ensure your child is getting sufficient sleep to facilitate learning.


  • You should help your child become aware of right/left foot and corresponding shoes. Have your child practice putting on/off shoes.
  • Encourage your child to sit and focus on 5 or 6 adult directed tasks, for example you pick a jigsaw and have your child complete the jigsaw, this is important for your child’s academic developmental progress.
  • Encourage your child to identify front/back of jumper, trousers for eg tag goes to the back.
  • Place a sheet of paper on wall at your child’s eye level. Encourage your child to draw rainbows, balloons using his hands and paints. Great for developing skills needed for handwriting.
  • Encourage your child to practice wiping his/her bottom and to know when bottom is clean.

Fiona O’Farrell BSc OT is Consultant Paediatric Occupational Therapist Specialising in Development, Sleep and Premature Babies
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