Some Interesting Facts about Baby and Toddler Development and Sleep




A baby/ Toddler’s future social, emotional, perceptual, cognitive and language skills are built upon the skills mastered during the first three years of a baby’s life.


During your baby’s first three years, development occurs in a sequential order. This means each stage of development lays the foundation for the next stage of development and so on.


From the age of four onwards these skills which have been mastered lay the foundation for higher skills such as attention skills, reading, writing, maths and interacting appropriately with peers. Furthermore research demonstrates that the majority of learning problems at school originate during a baby’s first three years of life.


Your Baby’s Sleep Patterns are also determined by Developmental pre-requisitives. For baby sleep at night he has to have developed certain skills which will help baby sleep at night and nap during the day.



Much of the information you will read as a parent will inform you about what your baby should be doing at each month of development. However this is not a useful way of looking at your baby’s brain development because all babies develop at different rates. What is more important is for you to recognise your baby’s progression from one developmental level to the next and how you can help your baby progress and develop.


This therefore stresses the importance of stimulating your baby’s brain development and helping your baby engage in purposeful play using appropriate toys. Play is how a baby learns about himself and his world around him. Choosing the correct toys is so essential to helping you baby engage in play and develop appropriately.



Top 3 tips to help make the most of your interaction with your baby




Is your baby ready and able to engage in play or is  baby sleep needed?

It is very important to be aware of your baby signals which let you know when he is either:

  • Tired and baby sleep is required
  • Over stimulated and really in need of baby sleep
  • Calm and rested and therefore able to engage in play




Is Baby Sleep during the day important?


If your baby is tired and you try to engage him in play, he will become anxious, frustrated and negative feelings will emerge. You as a parent will also probably experience negative feelings as your baby will be unable to engage in playtime which should be fun. Instead your baby sleep is advisable.


Your Baby sleep during the day is important. Regular Sleep naps are vital. This will help your baby sleep at night



Is it really so important to choose the correct toy to enable baby to learn?


By engaging your baby with the correct toy you are helping baby to master his developmental skills and challenge him toward achieving the next higher developmental milestone.

If the toy is too basic for your baby’s current developmental stage then your baby will get very little benefit from the toy.

It is important to consider what the toy can do for development.




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