5 Top Tips – Prepare your baby sleep for winter clock change

  1. One week before the clock changes, move your baby sleep bedtime later by 5-10 minutes each night. This will allow for a gradual change and will help your baby’s internal clock ‘circadian cycle’ readjust to the time change.
  2. Day Time Nap is important for preventing over tiredness. Up until the age of 3-4 years a day time nap is advisable. After a short morning of activity the brain needs a rest and is at risk of over tiredness if it does not get a nap.
  3. Involve your baby in relaxing activities as part of bedtime routine so preparing your baby’s body and mind for sleep. Massage is an excellent relaxing activity followed by reading a short story to help your baby sleep.
  4. Keep your baby sleep bedtime consistent. This will help develop sleep associations.
  5. When the clock does change, expect a couple of nights of readjusting as your baby’s circadian cycle readjusts.


Be reassured if you have helped your child prepare, the transition will be much easier for your baby/ young child.

Fiona O’Farrell is a Paediatric Occupational Therapist specialising in Baby Sleep Difficulties and Development. Validated by Department of Health, Fiona is also Mum to 3 young children
www.fionaofarrell.ie for one to one consultations

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