Introduction to Road Show

Over the next five weeks I will be touring with the 0 to Toddler Road Show

I will be talking to parents about the importance of:

  • Early Childhood Development.
  • The importance of 0-3 years for laying the foundations for higher academic skills.
  • How as a parent you can nurture your child’s development.
  • The importance of self regulation for development which is important to help your child be calm, content, sleep peacefully and how to know when your child is ready to engage and interact with you and his little world.

I will discuss what are the ‘Best Toys’ for nurturing early development. I also will demonstrate toys.

I will be talking about the importance of Tummy Time, demonstrating positions for Tummy Time as well as other tips on baby exercises.

So come along for lots of very useful advice, information, products and a chance to link with other parents. A great day out.

Find out more about my:

  • Nurturing Baby and Toddler development classes.
  • Nurturing Child Development workshops.

Helping your baby/toddler reach his full potential.

Happier Babies, Happier Parents.

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