European funded research project to Norway

I was recently asked to participate in a European funded research project to Norway with Early Childhood Ireland.

The purpose of the visit was to examine pre school education in Norway. I had the pleasure of spending a very informative week with some fantastic Ladies from Early Childhood Ireland. Our host for the week were the staff at Queen Maud University, Trodheim, Norway.

We also participated in onsite visits and observation of how policy re preschool education was implemented into practice.

The trip was very focused, looking at how baby into child development is nurtured through pre school play.

In Norway children do all their learning through the use of the outdoors. Sleep also takes place outdoors, with babies – toddlers having their day time sleep in their buggies outdoors.

Lectures from the staff at Queen Maud University were excellent linking all aspects of baby – toddler development, developmental milestones and play to outdoor learning.
In the evenings we had group discussions comparing practice in Norway to Ireland and policy differences.

A very enjoyable informative trip.

A big thank you to Early Childhood Ireland.


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