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Did you know development during the first three years of your baby’s life is critical for later school progression ?

By now you have probably read numerous books on what your baby should be doing at each month during his first couple of years.

Did you know your baby’s future physical, social, emotional and perceptual (insight) skills are built upon the skills mastered during the first couple of years. A very interesting fact wouldn’t you agree?

Lets clarify what I mean by the above statement.

During your baby’s first couple of years most development occurs in the gross motor skills ie rolling, crawling, standing, walking and running.

As these skills are mastered the focus of development progresses to finer motor skills ie hand movements and coordinating eye and hand movements and perceptual skills ie awareness of objects in your baby’s environment and how these objects relate to each other for example using shape sorter – putting shapes in and taking shape out.

From the age of four onwards these skills which have been mastered lay the foundation for higher skills such as reading, writing math’s and interacting appropriately with peers.

Did you know the majority of learning problems at school originate during your baby’s first three years.

Therefore it is essential your baby engages with and masters all the developmental skills in an appropriate hierarchy.

For example your child will get little benefit in participating with basic jigsaws if he is not yet rolling, crawling or walking.

This highlights the importance of knowing how and when to appropriately stimulate your baby’s milestones.

What about the choice of toys your baby plays with.

It is essential your baby engages with the correct level of toy appropriate for his developmental skill level so as to encourage attainment of the developmental skill and progression toward the next developmental skill.

Your baby will get little learning benefit from playing with a toy which is too complicated for his present developmental skill level.

Also if the toy is’ too basic’ for the developmental skill level your baby will also get very little benefit.

Stay tuned for more advanced articles on how to stimulate specific developmental milestones with suggested activities for you to try with your baby.

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