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Baby Development-7 Fundamental Facts  

5 Top Tips – Prepare your baby sleep for winter clock change

One week before the clock changes, move your baby sleep bedtime later by 5-10 minutes each night. This will allow for a gradual change and will help your baby’s internal clock ‘circadian cycle’ readjust to the time change. Day Time Nap is important for preventing over tiredness. Up until the age of 3-4 years a day time nap is advisable. After a short morning of activity the brain needs a rest and is at risk of over tiredness if it […]

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Sensory toys for baby and toddler

Q.  My Son is 16 months and with just so many toys available I really don’t know what is best for him developmentally. I would really appreciate some advice on the best sensory toys you would suggest for this age group? A.  Thank you for your question. I frequently get asked advice on best sensory toys during my workshops for parents. As you say there is so much choice and expensive does not necessarily mean the toy is better in […]

Starting School ? – 6 Top tips

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6 Top Tips from paediatric occupational therapist to prepare your Child for starting school Sleep Approx 2 weeks before starting school you should start and continue a bedtime routine, this will ensure your child is getting sufficient sleep to facilitate learning. Development You should help your child become aware of right/left foot and corresponding shoes. Have your child practice putting on/off shoes. Encourage your child to sit and focus on 5 or 6 adult directed tasks, for example you pick a […]

European funded research project to Norway

I was recently asked to participate in a European funded research project to Norway with Early Childhood Ireland. The purpose of the visit was to examine pre school education in Norway. I had the pleasure of spending a very informative week with some fantastic Ladies from Early Childhood Ireland. Our host for the week were the staff at Queen Maud University, Trodheim, Norway. We also participated in onsite visits and observation of how policy re preschool education was implemented into practice. […]

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Increase your baby’s Intelligence

As parents how many of us know that our baby’s intelligence can be increased? Many of us believe baby’s development is an automatic taken for granted fact? However many scientific studies show that a baby’s intelligence can be improved through planned stimulation. How many of us are aware our baby’s intelligence begins long before our baby is born. So what can you do to improve your baby’s intelligence? Some of the ways to stimulate your unborn baby’s development include: Talk […]

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Toy Review – Rainmaker

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This week I have picked the ‘Rainmaker’           The Rainmaker is an excellent visual and auditory toy. It can be used by the parent when the baby is about 12 weeks. • The Rainmaker can be used to help develop a baby’s visual skills especially visual tracking skills. When your baby is lying on his back slowly move the Rainmaker from the centre of your baby’s body out to the side. (ensure you hold the Rainmaker so […]

What you need to know about your baby’s sleep and how to ensure a good nights sleep

Sleep deprivation is something most parents expect to go hand in hand with parenting. However it does not necessarily have to be this way.  If you can master the art of getting your baby to sleep you have a high chance of keeping your sanity intact. A SLEEP CHECKLIST  is one of the most useful things you can do before attempting to put your baby down to sleep. A checklist will encourage you to observe your baby for cues as […]

An Important Marker for your Baby’s development

We all want our babies to do well, but where does one start. Reading books certainly helps. However if you are like me once baby and definitely by the time number three arrived, the luxury to find the time to sit and read quickly disappeared and I love reading. You will previously have read on my Blog about how important your baby’s mastering of his developmental milestones are for later progression in school. But how do you know your baby […]

Top 6 tips to consider before buying a toy

Children love to play that is what they do. Toys can be very enriching to a child’s life, helping the development process. I have put together some considerations I hope you will find useful when you are going toy shopping. The information will help you pick the best toy for your child regardless of your child’s age or availability of toys. • Consider what development stage your child is at. Remember all children develop at different rates. • What play value does […]

Toy Review – Stack and Sort Train

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This week I have picked the ‘stack and sort train with building blocks’ This is an excellent toy for your child and will provide endless play opportunities for learning and development of necessary basis skills. The stack and sort train has so many purposes it will keep your child busy throughout the day. • It features small blocks which will promote the learning of basic hand skills from the whole hand manipulating the block to your child using finger and thumb […]