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Baby Development-7 Fundamental Facts  

5 Top Tips – Prepare your baby sleep for winter clock change

One week before the clock changes, move your baby sleep bedtime later by 5-10 minutes each night. This will allow for a gradual change and will help your baby’s internal clock ‘circadian cycle’ readjust to the time change. Day Time Nap is important for preventing over tiredness. Up until the age of 3-4 years a day time nap is advisable. After a short morning of activity the brain needs a rest and is at risk of over tiredness if it […]

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Eumom Articles on Baby Development and Sleep

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  Baby Development and Sleep Expert   5 Tips For Coping With Bedtime When The Clocks Change   Benefits of a Good Night Sleep for Baby & Mom   Do Babies Dream?   Why is my Baby Waking Up at Night?   Should you Talk to your Unborn Baby?   Should Your Child Be Sitting In The “W” Pose?   No More Guilt: Taking ‘Me Time’ Benefits Your Child   When the […]

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Starting School ? – 6 Top tips

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6 Top Tips from paediatric occupational therapist to prepare your Child for starting school Sleep Approx 2 weeks before starting school you should start and continue a bedtime routine, this will ensure your child is getting sufficient sleep to facilitate learning. Development You should help your child become aware of right/left foot and corresponding shoes. Have your child practice putting on/off shoes. Encourage your child to sit and focus on 5 or 6 adult directed tasks, for example you pick a […]

Some Interesting Facts about Baby and Toddler Development and Sleep

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    A baby/ Toddler’s future social, emotional, perceptual, cognitive and language skills are built upon the skills mastered during the first three years of a baby’s life.   During your baby’s first three years, development occurs in a sequential order. This means each stage of development lays the foundation for the next stage of development and so on.   From the age of four onwards these skills which have been mastered lay the foundation for higher skills such as […]

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Nine Top Tips for creating the perfect baby Sleep Zone

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  Your Child’s environment should ensure his sleep zone facilitates sleep.   To create a calm peaceful ‘Baby Sleep Zone’ include the following:           Darkened room, (though child may prefer dim light) Close curtains during nap time Avoid glare from hall light, window Encourage use of ‘sleep friends’ such as favourite cuddly toy Avoid bright colours on the walls. Muted colours work best Avoid wall murals, posters Don’t hang clothes on door. Can appear threatening (scary) in […]

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Tips for helping your baby to sleep.

Firstly I would recommend you read the article on signs to look out for which indicate your baby is ready to go to sleep. So now you can consider what to do to help your baby sleep. The trick here is to find out what works for your baby and stick with it. Massage Gentle massage can help your baby relax and therefore sleep. It is important to learn how to do baby massage correctly on your baby. An important point […]

What you need to know about your baby’s sleep and how to ensure a good nights sleep

Sleep deprivation is something most parents expect to go hand in hand with parenting. However it does not necessarily have to be this way.  If you can master the art of getting your baby to sleep you have a high chance of keeping your sanity intact. A SLEEP CHECKLIST  is one of the most useful things you can do before attempting to put your baby down to sleep. A checklist will encourage you to observe your baby for cues as […]