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Baby Development-7 Fundamental Facts  

Eumom Articles on Baby Development and Sleep

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  Baby Development and Sleep Expert   5 Tips For Coping With Bedtime When The Clocks Change   Benefits of a Good Night Sleep for Baby & Mom   Do Babies Dream?   Why is my Baby Waking Up at Night?   Should you Talk to your Unborn Baby?   Should Your Child Be Sitting In The “W” Pose?   No More Guilt: Taking ‘Me Time’ Benefits Your Child   When the […]

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Starting School ? – 6 Top tips

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6 Top Tips from paediatric occupational therapist to prepare your Child for starting school Sleep Approx 2 weeks before starting school you should start and continue a bedtime routine, this will ensure your child is getting sufficient sleep to facilitate learning. Development You should help your child become aware of right/left foot and corresponding shoes. Have your child practice putting on/off shoes. Encourage your child to sit and focus on 5 or 6 adult directed tasks, for example you pick a […]

Some Interesting Facts about Baby and Toddler Development and Sleep

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    A baby/ Toddler’s future social, emotional, perceptual, cognitive and language skills are built upon the skills mastered during the first three years of a baby’s life.   During your baby’s first three years, development occurs in a sequential order. This means each stage of development lays the foundation for the next stage of development and so on.   From the age of four onwards these skills which have been mastered lay the foundation for higher skills such as […]

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Article from Irish Independent 5th July 2012

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European funded research project to Norway

I was recently asked to participate in a European funded research project to Norway with Early Childhood Ireland. The purpose of the visit was to examine pre school education in Norway. I had the pleasure of spending a very informative week with some fantastic Ladies from Early Childhood Ireland. Our host for the week were the staff at Queen Maud University, Trodheim, Norway. We also participated in onsite visits and observation of how policy re preschool education was implemented into practice. […]

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Increase your baby’s Intelligence

As parents how many of us know that our baby’s intelligence can be increased? Many of us believe baby’s development is an automatic taken for granted fact? However many scientific studies show that a baby’s intelligence can be improved through planned stimulation. How many of us are aware our baby’s intelligence begins long before our baby is born. So what can you do to improve your baby’s intelligence? Some of the ways to stimulate your unborn baby’s development include: Talk […]

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An Important Marker for your Baby’s development

We all want our babies to do well, but where does one start. Reading books certainly helps. However if you are like me once baby and definitely by the time number three arrived, the luxury to find the time to sit and read quickly disappeared and I love reading. You will previously have read on my Blog about how important your baby’s mastering of his developmental milestones are for later progression in school. But how do you know your baby […]