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Some Interesting Facts about Baby and Toddler Development and Sleep

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    A baby/ Toddler’s future social, emotional, perceptual, cognitive and language skills are built upon the skills mastered during the first three years of a baby’s life.   During your baby’s first three years, development occurs in a sequential order. This means each stage of development lays the foundation for the next stage of development and so on.   From the age of four onwards these skills which have been mastered lay the foundation for higher skills such as […]

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Does your baby cry a lot of the time? Is your baby easily irritated and just never seems content?

Read on to discover an often overlooked but highly significant reason behind your baby’s irritations. Every parent wants a happy, content baby. However what happens when this is not the case? The result is often a baby, who seems to cry constantly, does not want to feed, appears to be easily irritated and does not sleep. What then for the parents? Parents are often left with Feelings of frustration, anxiety and a sense of helplessness and possible depression. However did […]

Over stimulation and its effect on your baby’s development

Sensory overload is one of the most common causes of unsettledness in babies. However as parents we tend to focus on ‘physical’ reasons as to why our baby is distressed rather than considering our baby is simply over stimulated and as a result over tired. As an adult sleep deprivation leads to irritability, inability to concentrate and simple exhaustion. An over stimulated, over tired baby will respond in the same way. Though often as adults we expect so much of […]