An Important Marker for your Baby’s development

We all want our babies to do well, but where does one start.
Reading books certainly helps. However if you are like me once baby and definitely by the time number three arrived, the luxury to find the time to sit and read quickly disappeared and I love reading.

You will previously have read on my Blog about how important your baby’s mastering of his developmental milestones are for later progression in school. But how do you know your baby is on track in relation to his development.

One of the first and a very noticeable sign which informs you about your baby’s development is HEAD CONTROL.

Head control influences all other development. It is often a skill which is taken for granted and parents are unaware of its importance.

What do I mean by Head Control.

Head Control is the ability to keep ones head upright,
Keep the head in line with the rest of the body ie not tilting to the side.
Keep head upright, move it from side to side and back to the centre.
Keep head upright, move it from side to side and look at nearby people or objects.
Move head down onto chest and back up again.

All the time doing these movements slowly and in a controlled manner ie not jerky movements.

Without proper head control your baby will find it very difficult to sit, roll, crawl, stand, use his hands to play with toys and engage with people.

10 weeks is a good time to determine how your baby’s head control is progressing and is an indicator of al future development.

So how can you stimulate Head Control.

Allow and encourage your baby to spend time lying on his tummy.
This is a simple yet very effective way to encourage good Head control.

Do be sure to supervise your baby at all times and make sure your baby can breathe.
If your baby has any medical conditions do seek expert medical advice before engaging your baby in tummy time.

If your baby is having difficulty mastering Head Control by 10 weeks do seek professional advice immediately.
Your Paediatric Occupational Therapist will be able to advise you on suitable activities to stimulate Head Control and get your baby back on track.

If you are concerned about your baby’s development do seek the advice of your Doctor.

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