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B.Sc. Occupational Therapy with over 15 years experience in Early Child Development

Specialist Paediatric Occupational Therapist 1997 to present, with expertise in the area of early childhood development.
During this period of time I have worked for both the NHS and the HSE.
I have been involved in the implementation of Early Intervention Teams throughout the country. Early Intervention Teams provide specialist services for babies and young children up to the age of six who present with developmental difficulties.
I have undertaken extensive post graduate training, including the areas of sensory integration, baby assessment and treatment training.
I have been involved with the Occupational Therapy special interest group in paediatrics, have co-authored articles for teachers and have presented to parents at conference.
I am also the Mother of three young children.
My professional knowledge and expertise has greatly assisted me in my understanding of each of my children’s development, how they respond and interact with their world and in assisting each of them to develop and reach their full potential.
This practical knowledge I wish to share with you all so we can all assist our children to reach their full potential.

I firmly believe understanding our children and deepening our knowledge of how we can facilitate their learning during the crucial first three years can help decrease the anxiety, stress felt by parents and lead to happier, fulfilled children and parents.

I hope you enjoy my website.
I encourage you to leave comments and share your tips. After all we are all on a learning curve and please do share my website so together we can help our children develop their full potential.

Board member of medical advisory board for premature babies.
Private provider of workshops on baby development.


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